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Intimidating TBR Tag

I am not sure how old this book tag is or where it originated, but I saw this over at a book blog I recently came across,, and it looked like my kind of tag, so I decided to post it on my blog, too!

1. What book have you been unable to finish?

After reading the first two books, I just couldn’t get through Crash Into You by Katie McGarry. I really don’t understand why, I enjoyed the first two, and even read them pretty quickly. But this third one… I don’t know. I must have gotten burnt out on Young Adult at that point or something because the simple things about the book irked me, like the dialogue or the plot.. I don’t mean to bash the book, in fact, I hope I can get back into it sometime soon and finish it, I just don’t have a time frame yet.

2. What book do you have yet to read but just haven’t had the time?

There are seriously way too many to name. My TBR pile is endless ::

3. What book do you have yet to read because it is a sequel?

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han. No particular reason why I haven’t read it other than I have other books I would prefer to get to first.

4. What book do you have yet to read because it is brand new?

It isn’t necessarily brand spanking new, but I’ve had Michelle Hodkin’s The Becoming of Noah Shaw since it was released and still haven’t cracked it open. I will soon, though. For sure.

5. What book do you have yet to read because you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it?

The sequel to City Love by Susane Colasanti. I pretty much forced myself to get through this book because I was hoping it would get better. It had to get better. Sadly, it didn’t.

6. What book do you have yet to read because you are just not in the mood for it?

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

7. What book do you have yet to read because it is so big?

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King. It is on my TBR for early this year, though. Again, for sure.

8. What book do you have yet to read because you bought it because of the cover and it ended up not having very good reviews?

I honestly don’t even know at the moment, but I am positive I have quite a few of those.

9. What is the most intimidating book on your TBR? 

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. And not because of the murder itself, but because whenever I read any true crime stories (for lack of a better term), even if it’s current events, it gets me in a dark place. And I don’t mean it brings another side of me or anything like that, but my mood shifts because of the fact that these horrific events ACTUALLY happened and it puts me in a place, mentally and emotionally, that is hard to get out of. I don’t know if how I worded it made sense, but really, it’s hard to crawl out of that whole once I’m in there.

Welp, that’s about it! This just reminded me that I have so many books to read, and it’s already the fourth on January yet, I haven’t read a single page of a book!

How many books have you read so far?


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Book Blogging Newbie Tag

1. Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog as a way to get in touch with all sorts of people and discuss a broad range of topics. On Facebook, I tend to comment on different kinds of articles and for the most part, find that I can hold civil conversations with these strangers. This specific blog isn’t specifically for books but the few articles I’ve posted have all been book related but I do plan on writing on various topics soon.

2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

I love football. I’m a huge NFL and NBA fan, with basketball being my first love. During NFL season I write for and talk about my favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles. If there are any sports fans out there, I would love to be able to talk about football and basketball. I also watch too much TV, and I’m a huge movie buff. I can talk about that, too. I’m interested in the most randomest of things, sometimes it can be embarrassing but I’m hoping that by talking about it, other people will be able to relate and we can gush about our common interest via the internet.

3. What are you most excited for about this new blog?

Meeting new and interesting people. As a mom, I don’t get much time to go out. I have a few close friends that I hang out with occasionally, but outside of work I really don’t get too many opportunities to meet new people. Plus, I can be very awkward and I’m horrible at first impressions. But on the internet, I can be who I am without the fear of being judged on my quirkiness.

4. Why do you love reading?

Because it takes me away from reality. When I was younger, I needed a place to go to so that I can get away from my hectic childhood. My face was always in a book. Now, although I have nothing to complain in my personal life, the real world sucks balls and reading, again, takes me to far away places that I wish I can visit someday and pulls me away from my own thoughts, because sometimes I want to get out of my mind. Reading is much more than something I do, it’s something I am.

5. What book or series got you into reading?

I really don’t remember which one specifically got me into reading. I remember reading the Disney hardcover books, and the Nancy Drew series and the Boxcar Children and The Baby-Sitters club and Amelia Bedelia… I really can’t point out which one in particular got me into reading back then. But I do remember the book that got me out of the reading slump I was in as an adult: I was reading very little because real life had set in, I was a mom of two little ones, working two jobs and at that specific time, we were moving into a new place. Anyway, I was browsing the web and I don’t remember how, but came across books somehow and Miranda Kenneally’s Catching Jordan caught my eye. I ordered it on Amazon and when I got it, I read it at work and finished it in one day. I love that book. Not only because it’s back story is about football, but that book, just like all of Kenneally’s, is just so good. But anyway, I guess I can say that Catching Jordan rekindled my love for reading and I have NOT looked back since. I cherish this book with all of my heart.

6. What questions would you ask your favorite authors?

I really don’t know. If I ever meet Dean Koontz or Stephen King, I would ask what takes them to that dark place and ask what their biggest fear is. I’ve met a few YA authors and asked the usual what books are you writing about next, why did you write about this subject, are they based on people you know, why did you write YA, would you write adult fiction. If I ever get to be one on one with them, I’d probably ask what they liked about the character they wrote or if they have a favorite novel or their favorite author… this is all once I get over my awkward first impression, of course.

7. What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Staying committed. I don’t think I’ve written anything for the month of March and it’s not because I don’t want to, I just don’t have too much time. I’ve literally started like 4 or 5 articles but get caught up at work or at home with other things that I save them under the drafts thinking I’ll come back to them later only to forget about it or not in the mood to continue writing it. There are lots of things to talk about in the blogosphere, I just have to make sure to stay on top of my blog so that it can continue to grow.

8. When did you start reading?

I have been reading since I can remember. I mean this in the literal sense. I can remember being three or four years old reading little board books. I don’t know if I actually read the words, but I always had a book in my hands. I got in trouble once for reading too much. Seriously. My dad said I spent too much time reading than spending time with family. My dad is very weird.

9. Where do you read?

My room mostly. I do most of my reading at night so…

10. What kind of books do you like to read?

My favorite genre is horror. Any and all subgenres also apply: thriller, suspense, ghost stories, true crime (because let’s face it, serial killers are also known as monsters, and what’s scarier than real life actual living monsters?), paranormal (and not vampires, but like The Exorcist type supernatural), etc. I’m also into Young Adult, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Chick Lit and I’ve gotten into Sports Romance. The least subject I read about are self-help books. Other than that, if the plot is interesting enough, I’ll give it a shot.



Welp, that’s about it. I probably revealed a little too much about myself, but oh well.

I have been doing a lot of book shopping this month. Book Outlet had an amazing sale last week and I took advantage. I also came across a rummage sale last weekend and went a little crazy. But I am officially on a book buying ban for the remainder of Spring and Summer, unless any one of my favorite authors come out with a book in which I will pre-order/purchase. But bulk buying is absolutely out of the question. The 2017 NFL Draft is coming at the end of April which means that the NFL schedule will be released around the same time and I have to save up to purchase tickets to see my Eagles since they will be here in SoCal TWICE this  year. I am soooooooooo excited!! 🙂

Anyway, I hope you guys have been having a lovely March 🙂

Happy reading,