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March Book Haul & Wrap-Up

HAPPY APRIL! 🙂  We are officially a quarter into 2017 and this year has flown by, don’t you think? Anyway, reading wise last month sucked balls; I only read two books. Neither were five star reads but I enjoyed them both enough. Julianna Keyes’ Undeclared (sequel to Undecided) was a major disappointment. At them moment I can’t remember what rating I gave it on Goodreads, but if I gave it a three I was being generous. I completely loved her first book and had high hopes for this one, unfortunately it fell very short. I couldn’t connect to any of the characters, in fact I thought the entire plot was pretty dull and it took me almost all month to finish it. I figured it would pick up at some point, but it didn’t. If there’s a third installment I’ll read it, or if she comes out with another book I’ll read that, too. I’m not giving up on Keyes just yet. I also read Dare You To by Katie McGarry. I’ve heard nothing but great things about her Pushing the Limits series and I have to admit, so far so good. I really enjoyed the sequel. Quite possibly a little more than the first one. It felt like it was maybe a little more raw and edgier than the first one as far as what her main character had to go through, still, I couldn’t put it down.


Books I bought:


I stopped by Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago and they had a great clearance section. Usually they don’t, or at least it never catches my fancy, but this time they had such great books that I went back a second time to get more. I am suuuuuuper excited to read teh Stephen King companion. It has some amazing pictures and stories in there.


Before Book Outlet began their crazy sale (more on that in a future post), I wanted to purchase a few books on there just because. Two aren’t picture in here because I already had a copy of both so I didn’t want to haul them. The Inexpolicable Logic of My Life was a pre-order and am looking forward to reading it. I haven’t read any reviews and am staying away from them for as long as I can because I don’t want to spoil anything.


We went to a rummage sale a few weekends ago and there was an entire section dedicated to books and they were a score!! These were all the books I got there. They are all in really good condition, too 🙂


That Book Outlet box is the first of two orders. I haven’t opened it because I’m thinking of filming my first ever BookTube video (still not sure yet) so I kind of want to surprise myself. Either way, there will be another post showing what my books orders were. I can’t wait! 🙂

e-Books I bought:

Also bought a few ebooks that were on sale because I’ve been reading a lot on my Kindle/tablet lately more so than physical books.

So, yeah. I am that crazy cat lady… but with books because I don’t like cats.

How was your March? read any good books? Bought any interesting books? Let me know!



Book Meme · March · Top 10 · Weekly Update

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Authors I Want To Meet or Have Met

The first five are authors I am dying to meet (in no particular order):

1. Stephen King: because obviously, amiright? King of Horror. Wrote one of my favorite horror books in The Shining and I have been obsessed with this man for yeeeeeaaaaarrrsssss. Not only is horror, but it’s more psychological and it is because of his stories that psychological thriller is my favorite genre.

2. Dean Koontz: I was 11 years old when I read Tick Tock. It was my favorite book for so long and I kept my copy nice and clean up until three years ago when my kids tore it up (grrrr) and then spilled juice on it (grrrrr x10). I finally came across another copy with a different copy and you should have seen me dancing in the aisle when I found it! 🙂 I actually yelped! Hahaha seriously. I will be honest and say I haven’t read anything else by him but I have been collecting his books ever since. Once I have all of his work, I will read them.

3. Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher (because we all know they’re a package deal): Besides a couple of novellas, I have read all of Colleen Hoover’s books. I didn’t know who she was up until maybe four years ago and quickly loved her writing. When she came out with the Never, Never series, Tarryn Fisher won me over and have been obsessively reading her work, too.

4.Stephanie Perkins: because Lola is one of my all-time favorite characters.

5. Michelle Hodkin: because her Mara Dyer series is one of my favorite series even though I have yet to read the final book. I remember pre-ordering The Retribution of Mara Dyer and anticipating it only for me to not read it three years later because I do not want the series to end. I do have plans to start the series over and finally finish it but I am dreading it.

The following authors I have met and loved an am looking forward to meet again (in no particular order):

6. Gretchen McNeil: she was the sweetest and I am hoping to get more of her books to sign. Possess is one of my favorite YA Horror books. I love that she is just as obsessed with that genre as I am, and she has an appreciation for it like I do.

7. Kiersten White: She was so quirky and so funny, it’s easy to see why people love her books so much. Definitely one of my favorites in the YA contemporary genre.

8. Tahereh Mafi: because her Shatter Me series is one of my favorites. She is so kind and beautiful and when I meet her again I will not be shy and awkward.

9. Lauren Oliver: because as a fan I owe her a do over. I was so shy and embarrassed that one of the books I had her sign I hadn’t read and she asked me about it and I looked dumb. I was just starstruck because Pandemonium is one of my all-time favorite books and I wanted to talk to her about that one but she was promoting Vanishing Girls and I was just lost.

10. Robin Reul: because her book is the very first ARC I’ve ever won since joining the booktube community and it holds a special place in my heart. I met her and she was so funny and gorgeous and sweet and I felt bad I only had the ARC and not a finished copy.

The following authors are ones I wish I had met:

11. Emily Dickinson: my favorite poet of all-time.

12. Afeni Shakur: because 2pac.

13. Maya Angelou: main reason because she’s a phenomenal woman.

14. William Peter Blatty: because the movie based on his novel ruined my childhood… and I LOVE IT.

15.Edgar Allen Poe: because after reading his poetry in middle school, it put me in a dark place and I wrote pretty cryptic poetry (words of my 7th grade English teacher. Never forgot) and my childhood wasn’t even all that bad during this particular time. 7th grade is actually one of my favorite years of school career.

Book haul · March

February Book Haul #2


As per usual, I do a lot of shopping on my birthday. Well, the whole month really. Last month I went a little crazy and purchased almost 100 books. Physical books. Luckily, most of them were older books, some classics, that I found rummaging through garage sales and yard sales and used book stores and I am super excited about adding all of these beauties to my book shelves.

I know we’re just over a week into March, but it has been pretty busy at work and at home and I haven’t found the time to sit and write blog posts. I’ve started a few (I have, like, 3 drafts saved) but get sidetracked and never get to finish. Which also means I haven’t done much reading. I’m almost done with one that I’ve been working on for a while now, after that I have one I want to get to:

31141489Undeclared by Julianna Keyes is an ebook I purchased late last month. I have been looking forward to this book since I read Undeclared last year and loved it.

Lots of stuff has been going on at home. We’ve started the Spring cleaning process, which is my least favorite and favorite thing to do (I know, how does that work, right? It just does). We’re getting rid of the kids’ old clothes and toys and getting rid of all the stuff we don’t use and clearing the way for what spring/summer have in store 🙂

What are guys reading? Do you like to declutter?

Happy reading,