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E-Readers vs Physical Books 

This is a very tiring argument but I wanted to add my own two cents…

Nothing beats the experience of walking into a bookstore and inhaling that beautiful scent of books, or grabbing a book and flipping through the pages, or just holding it in your hands feeling the smoothness of the book. It just feels… right.

It was just a few short years ago when I joined the dark side. I bought my first tablet in 2013, but I went in completely clueless and blindsided. Notice I said tablet. I was not familiar at all to the digital world as far as ebooks went but I had heard about the Nook from Barnes & Noble and headed to the store to check out was all the fuss was about. The Nook HD was pretty pricey but from what I read and what was explained to me, it was worth it. Of course the employees would talk up their product, right? Well, I purchased it anyway because I really thought I would use it.


At first, I loved it, I even bought a cute little case for it thinking this was going to be a great tool for me. That feeling quickly evaporated, I maybe read one book on that thing. I was so distracted with the countless other options it had I pretty much forgot what I intended to use it for. On top of that, I couldn’t be on the tablet more than maybe 30 minutes because it would strain my eyes. I eventually let my kids use it as a way to keep them busy while I was doing other things, and for me, passing things on to my kids means that I’m pretty much over that particular fad.


I used it maybe for an entire year before I switched to the Amazon Kindle. Best. Decision. Ever. I had the Kindle App on my Nook but because I didn’t like how it hurt my eyes, I figured an actual e-reader would be the better option. This time around, I did my research and went to Best Buy to buy this handy little gadget.

I went everywhere with this ereader. I took it to work, read it as I put my kids to sleep. I really did do a lot of reading on it. It helped that Amazon has a bunch of great deals on their ebooks. At the time, I didn’t even think about night time reading. It just didn’t cross my mind. I still hadn’t fully converted into the digital world so this was enough for me. It was another year before I realized that I could be doing a lot of reading during the dark hours of the night.


I eventually got my favorite ereader of all time, the 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite. I absolutely love this one. I take it everywhere with me and even thought it’s in great condition as far as the surface, it is now laggy because of all the books I own. I recently cleaned it up a bit and flushed out all the books I won’t read, have read and organized them. The battery life is great and I am so grateful for this gadget. E-Readers are a matter of convenience for me and I am not ashamed to admit that I mainly read ebooks. I buy physical books with the intention of reading it, but more often than not, I purchase an ebook copy so I can read it during my lunch break or at nighttime– which are essentially the only times I get to myself.

I don’t like the argument that one is better than the other because reading should be enjoyable no matter the format. For some, it’s more comfortable to read a physical book, and for others, it’s just easier to carry a lightweight piece of technology that holds thousands of ebooks that are at hand if you’re in the mood to read something different everyday. Also, I personally don’t like to carry a book around in my purse where it can get damaged, because I have kid-ninjas that like to go through my stuff behind my back.

Do you have a preference? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading,




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