Book haul · February

Book Haul #1

I have been obsessed with classic literature lately. Not to read but to buy. Collect, actually. Hoard, if you will. I don’t have a valid reason as to this obsession other than I have an unhealthy addiction to buying books.

Or maybe because last year (and this year) I set a new year’s resolution/goal to read more classics only to come up short. Like, by a lot. This year I’m trying harder but finding it rather difficult to get through just one of those books. I’ll get through a chapter and get bored because it’s either too slow or I can’t follow and thus a reading slump immerses. I guess I want to challenge myself and I’m hoping to eventually find a good old classic work of fiction that will motivate me to read more of them, and I’ve somehow tricked myself into thinking that by buying multiple of these books that something will spark. So far, no go.

But I have found myself at yard sales, garage sales, used book stores and even swap meets digging through old books and used books and picking up random books- books I’ve read as ebooks but don’t have a physical copy, ebooks I’ve bought but haven’t read and don’t have a physical copy, books I’ve been meaning to pick up but forgotten over time, books I’ve seen across the book community but didn’t want to pay full price for, etc. etc. I’ve had good luck in finding some treasures and some I just bought on a whim. This usually happens to me around this time of the year: my birthday comes around and I go crazy with the book buying and then Spring rolls around and I’m stuck with an even larger To Be Read pile than I started the year off with and I overwhelm myself and in turn it causes up to months long reading slump that can be really hard to come out of, and I know, I do this to myself. I have no one to blame. My poor boyfriend really has no say because he’s addicted to video games like I am with my books. We each have our vices.

Anyway, here’so the proof of how bad I have it:

I think that’s 65 books just these first six weeks of 2017. I want to say that I’m done for a while, but I’m really not. Maybe I’ll stop buying in huge bulks and focus on new releases but I prefer to wait a little bit to read reviews. Other than a handful of auto-buy authors, I steer clear from new books because I’ve been let down more often than not due to the book not meeting my expectations (a.k.a “the hype”).

Anyway, I have a few books on my Kindle that I’m reading, plus my first audio book (in a very long time) that I’m really enjoying, so not one of those books in either of those pictures is on my immediate “to read” list. But tell me, what are you guys reading? Are any of you on Goodreads? Let me know what books you think I should read. Or what books you’re looking forward to this year?

Thank you for stopping by, hope you guys stick around 🙂 happy reading!



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